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Farmer's Almanac Summer '19


Northeastern US: Hot & Dry Summer 

Southeastern US: Hot & Wet Summer 

Northern US: Hot & Rainy Summer 

Central US: Hot & Dry Summer 

Southern US: Cool & Wet Summer 

Western US: Cool & Dry Summer 

Northwestern US: Hot & Wet Summer 

Southwestern US: Hot & Dry Summer 

Boater's De-Winterizing List


Look Above To Make Sure You Have Every Essential Item To Be A Prepared Boater In The New Year! 

Inflatable Snakes


These SNAKES help to DETER pesky sea gulls and their droppings. These quickly inflatable snakes can simply be attached to the side of your boat or to your dock in a matter of minutes to tackle this annoying challenge. We sell them in our store! BUY ONE TODAY!