Hangers $14.99/Pc. (1 Every 2.5 Feet max)

Who We Are & What We Do


An Expanding Range Of Products

Based In CLEVELAND, OH, Boat-EZ is dedicated to making the job of every boater easier and more exciting! We sell a variety of products that appeal to all niches of boating life! 


Optimizing Your Boating Experience

Our #1 Product, DockEZ, Allows You To Store Shore Power Cords & Water Lines Off The Side Of Your Dock. Every Inch On A Boat Counts, And That Goes For Your Dock Space, Too! 


A Safe Harboring Product

Our Goal Is To Eliminate The Pains Of Boating, So That You Have The  Safety & Security To Enjoy! For Instance, Our Dock Hangers Remove Dangerous Trip Hazards.